The promotion of body positivity and self-esteem for women was the motivation for LaToya Rozof to start 79Roze Dress Shop.  The idea was to provide affordable and fashionable options for women with curves. The average woman is a size 12+, yet mainstream stores have limited dress options. The ultimate goal is to empower women to embrace their bodies and not feel pressured to conform to societal standards of beauty. #allbodiesaregoodbodies

LaToya’s love for fashion started as a little girl and she always wanted a career in the fashion world. She holds a B.S. in Apparel and Textile Marketing from Kansas State University and did a quick stint in the retail world working for Talbots and Halls. Wife and mom are other titles that she’s balancing while building her brand and business. 79Roze Dress Shop has been featured in HERLIFE, Kansas City, Voyage ATL and KC, Aymie and Fashion Gxd magazines as well as local fashion shows. Giving back to the community, specifically fellow female entrepreneurs is a passion.